Monday, September 28, 2009

Oyster Run

It was said that 25,000 motorcyclists converged on Anacortes Washington last Sunday for the 28th Annual Oyster Run. The population of Anacortes is 18,000. What's the history? I'll let you research that aspect. My story is about art.

Art has many faces. Art for the viewer would probably be considered a form of entertainment. What about art for the artist? The process of doing comes to my mind at first but, what about expression? Where does that enter the realm of art? I focused this post on the "Oyster Run" because I feel it's a combination of several art forms. The photographer, the motorcycle designer, the groupie, the rider, and the voyeur, all entertaining.

My friend and photographer J.B. Smith put together the following chronicle. I hope you enjoy. Al

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