Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impasto "RED"

Bubbling up from the gallery request pot has come unusual requests for "red" paintings.  Now, I'm not shy about using red, nor am I objecting to the requests.  I like red!  In the pasts few months, four galleries asked for red paintings.  Is it the glum economic times?  Have I been selling more red paintings lately which prompted this?

In the past, galleries have had requests but, they've been more like: you have any tango paintings? ...or, do you have any tulip paintings? ...or, landscapes? ...or, figures? or, still lifes?  But, red? 

Now, in my studio, I'm looking at a near finished painting of the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley. A decision is to be made....... Okay, YELLOW, WHITE, AND BLUE ...

 (with a hint of RED).  ;-)....

"RED"  36" x 36" oil impasto

Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Object of Beauty

I just finished reading Steve Martin's new novel, "An Object of Beauty." I wanted to read this book because I knew that Steve Martin was an avid art appreciator. What took me by surprise was his uncanny behind-the-scenes knowledge of the business of art. This is a book worth reading for artists as it will give you a sense of place in the art world.
I must say that the artist's involvement is more about the process whereas the viewer is about appreciation, entertainment, and/or maybe business.  I enjoyed this book but, was left with an empty feeling for the artists. 

Below is a photographic progress of my most recent painting, "Glow."  This 48" x 60" impasto oil was one where I lost all sense of time and space as the painting almost painted itself.  In regards to Martin's book based on those who speculate on art, no thoughts of financial or critical acclaim ever entered my mind.  I just did what I do and others will decide whether it's an object of beauty or just another trite and sentimental attempt at painting.  Pushing paint is fun.

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