Monday, July 9, 2012

(Not) Painting With Artist Julie Higgins

After painting with the California Arts Club mid-June,  I dropped artist Anne Schreivogl off at the San Jose airport and headed towards the wine country of Napa and Sonoma Valley.  It had been over ten years since I painted in this area, so, I was eager to revisit.

I guess I had so many pre-conceived notions of what I wanted to paint that nothing pleased my sensibilities....and it was hot! 104F!  I camped in the Napa region, for four days, started several paintings, and netted one, an old Airstream trailer.

"Hanging By the 'Stream", oil, 9" x 12", $950

Enough of that heat, I moved on to Mendocino, California to meet my old friend, artist Julie Higgins.

Since Julie is more of a 'sensual expressionist' her interest in plein air painting was nil.
Good conversations and cooler temperatures made this a good stop to do a little painting as well.

I found myself dazzled by the colors of the water and rock formations below the high cliffs.

"Pierced Cliff", oil, 12" x 12", $1200

I also discovered a little white shed down an alley.

"Upkeep", oil, 10" x 12", $1050

I continued north, only to be met on the Oregon coast with rain and a forecast of 4 more days of the same.  After seven weeks on the road, I decided to cut the trip 'short', and made my way back to Anacortes.  When I arrived home, summer had too.  I experienced so much beauty on this trip, yet summer on Fidalgo Island is hard to beat.

"End of Ninth", oil, 9" x 12", $950

If any of these paintings interest you, feel free to contact me.
alfredcurrier (at)


  1. Lovely paintings, especially the sunset. The shed in the alley in Mendocino brings back memories of the summer I spent there in the 80's, also painting plein air. I envy your ability to get around!

  2. I love the Pierced Cliff painting. The colours of the water are wonderful.


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