Sunday, January 16, 2011

An Object of Beauty

I just finished reading Steve Martin's new novel, "An Object of Beauty." I wanted to read this book because I knew that Steve Martin was an avid art appreciator. What took me by surprise was his uncanny behind-the-scenes knowledge of the business of art. This is a book worth reading for artists as it will give you a sense of place in the art world.
I must say that the artist's involvement is more about the process whereas the viewer is about appreciation, entertainment, and/or maybe business.  I enjoyed this book but, was left with an empty feeling for the artists. 

Below is a photographic progress of my most recent painting, "Glow."  This 48" x 60" impasto oil was one where I lost all sense of time and space as the painting almost painted itself.  In regards to Martin's book based on those who speculate on art, no thoughts of financial or critical acclaim ever entered my mind.  I just did what I do and others will decide whether it's an object of beauty or just another trite and sentimental attempt at painting.  Pushing paint is fun.


  1. Thanks Al. I enjoyed viewing the progress of this paintitng and trying to figure out how that mind works.

  2. Wonderful process shots and I love the final painting, a celebration of paint and color! I read "Seven Days in the Art World" recently and was left with that same empty feeling. I just return to my studio and paint and let the rest of the world spin.

  3. I love the intense colors you have used, and really enjoyed seeing your process. I think I will read Steve Martin's book after reading about it. So many artists seem to very often lean towards other art forms, music, writing, performance, etc., as well as their primary art form. Creativity has so many forms. p.s. I'm "subscribed" to your blog, but don't seem to be getting it in my email. Thanks!

  4. Excellent step through demo,Alfred. When will you put the next one up?
    Very inspiring!


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