Thursday, January 20, 2011

Impasto "RED"

Bubbling up from the gallery request pot has come unusual requests for "red" paintings.  Now, I'm not shy about using red, nor am I objecting to the requests.  I like red!  In the pasts few months, four galleries asked for red paintings.  Is it the glum economic times?  Have I been selling more red paintings lately which prompted this?

In the past, galleries have had requests but, they've been more like: you have any tango paintings? ...or, do you have any tulip paintings? ...or, landscapes? ...or, figures? or, still lifes?  But, red? 

Now, in my studio, I'm looking at a near finished painting of the tulip fields of the Skagit Valley. A decision is to be made....... Okay, YELLOW, WHITE, AND BLUE ...

 (with a hint of RED).  ;-)....

"RED"  36" x 36" oil impasto


  1. bee-ootiful!! :-) I love the hidden yellow daffodil.

  2. Wonderful painting. I love the close-up shots that show the thickness of the paint.

  3. That is gorgeous. The hint of red shirt peeking out is a brilliant touch!

  4. Love your blog, come check out my blog? :)

  5. Your painting is lovely. My husband recognized the location by the trees in the background. The palette knife is an intriguing tool.


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