Friday, June 26, 2009

Mount Erie Grocery

The one thing I've noticed about painting en plein-air (open air) is the scents of the day. When I visit a painting that has been sold, maybe years ago, I can still remember the day it was painted if it were painted on location as opposed to in my studio. I drove out by Campbell Lake at the foot of Mount Erie today. The Mount Erie Grocery sits neatly at it's namesakes base almost timeless in it's demeanor. A smell of silage drifts through the air, an unmistakable mark of this day. A small Jersey cow watches me paint then drifts away after boredom sets in. Watching a painter paint is something close to watching grass grow.


  1. Hi Alfred, I really like your work. I stumbled upon your ad in facebook. I love your bright colors and subject matter.

  2. Thanks! Color application can be tricky. Using it with impasto is exciting for me. The subject matter is only the vehicle for this.


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