Friday, June 19, 2009

Cycling and Painting

I've been a bicyclist at heart for most of my life. I say "at heart" because I haven't ridden much in recent years. The concept of cycling and plein-air painting has always intrigued me so off to Vancouver Island, British Columbia I went on my overloaded 85# bike. Most serious cyclists would be horrified at that weight but, no tube of paint was left behind thus a secure artist treks on. My travels took me to Victoria via the Lockside Bike Trail for three days with a side trip to Sooke on the Galloping Goose Trail. I painted a produce market in Victoria on a glorious day of sunshine, great color too. Riding to Salt Spring Island was a little more challenging. It was a steep climb straight out from the ferry but, I did not have a concept of what hills were ahead. I don't have a method for capturing miles but soon after the ferry landing climb, the road began a slow increasing grade that seemed like three to four miles. Then a sharp turn to the right and the road went vertical. My lungs were holding but, my thighs were burning. I drank and ate every electolyte replacement I had but, finally I ground to a stop. (Hm-mm, 85#?) I walked the last 1/2 mile and finally summited. Simultaneously to this grind, friends of mine, Jill, J.B., and others were summiting Mount Baker. I felt akin with them. The results of painting yielded 3 for the week. The results of cycling yielded 150 miles. The combined results are mixed in my mind, too much weight. Staying local with my bike and paints seems more intriguing now.
I have a dream has now been changed to I had a dream. Maybe a motorcycle, hmmm?


  1. Hi Al! Thanks for the tip! My husabnd and I just bought our bikes. It's been 30 years. My dream was also to plein air and bike but I don't think I'll go as far as you. We also have a bike rack for our jeep and I think I'll just be taking short jaunts via the bike and leave most of my supplies in the jeep. Your paintings are lovely!-Dianne

  2. Good idea Dianne! As I mentioned, it was a great idea but, not practical. I'm with you, "drive, bike, and paint" as opposed to "bike and paint". Have fun. Al

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