Monday, May 14, 2012

Painting in Sun Valley with Lori McNee

As I drove away from my home in Anacortes, Washington, the thought of "the grass is always greener" came to mind.  How many times have I walked outside and a painting was to be found everywhere.  Other times I would burn up a tank of gas and never find anything that inspired me. This is why each year I "get out of Dodge", to get refreshed. 

This year it's a six-week plein air painting trip through the Western states, first stop: Ketchum, Idaho.  Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho is a special place and not because it just happens to be the oldest ski resort in the country.  The terrain is visually inspiring and it's also the home of my friend and fellow artist, Lori McNee.

Lori McNee

We painted and talked art for three days, fun.

My paintings included in this blog are from this visual paradise tucked away in the moutains and they are available for purchase. Buy any of these framed oil paintings while I'm on the road and I will cover sales tax and ship to you for free.  Email me at: alfredcurrier (at)

"Homage to Hemmingway", Sun Valley, ID
12" x 9", oil, $950, Currier

"Murdock Creek", Sawtooth, ID
12" x 9", $950, Currier

"Cottonwoods in Sawtooth", Sawtooth, ID
9" x 12", $950, Currier

Email: alfredcurrier (at)


  1. Hi Alfred,
    Your works are really refreshing.
    You should have an agent who could sell these immediately.
    Try selling them in New York state. New Yorkers are always looking to "get away".
    Lovely birch trees in the middle painting, and brush along the stream in these two paintings.
    If they were in Christies London, they would sell for millions.
    Good painting,
    Thank you,
    suzanne cerny

  2. Hi Alfred,

    It was so much fun to meet and paint with you in person. You are such a talent and a fun and generous friend. Thanks for the wonderful book, catalog and clips! You inspire me...AND, I sure hope we become gallery comrades as well. Keep me posted.


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