Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had an interesting conversation at the coffee shop the other day about being productive, wanting to learn, and living life to the fullest. What's this have to do with art? Because of habits, rituals, and just good ole work ethics, we fill our days. When I cannot paint, guilt sneaks into my psyche. What do I do? I clean my brushes, water the plants, and weed the garden. Time flies by. Is this what I want? NO! At my age, I want time to slow, but, guilt keeps me moving.

Lately I've taken to just sitting, being in the moment, listening to the fountain, and watching this little white butterfly move around my courtyard, seemingly aimless. The straightest path is not always the quickest road to inspiration.


  1. They say just being in the 'moment' is what helps us create. So if that is they case, keep enjoying 'The Moment' and see what transpires.

  2. They say being in 'The Moment' is what helps us create. If that is the case, then stay in 'The Moment' and see what transpires.


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